Luxury Fragrance

Luxury experice from unique fragrance

Egyptian queen Cleopatra scent on her sailing boat
when she is in gentle and soft condition.
Perfume is forbidden in the 19th century
when people were living in a conservative way.
British royal family perfumed Dior and Haynes fragrance tailored.
Luxury fragrance, it is the precious treasure given by the times.

Seek orama

30% stems from conception and inspiration,
The rest 70% comes from exploration and realization.
During the four years,
we went out and communicated for more than 20 times
to work out the graceful,
sweet and strong scent.
One exploration is just for the unique orama.

Make fragrance

Natural perfume
The original place Glass is unique in its environment.
Pick was done strictly following the natural law.——
The flowers were picked at the best season.

Flower and fragrance complement each other
Flower and fragrance match each other rigorously.
Special emphasis is laid on function and style to
cater for various people to have better experience during bathing.
Let the fragrance lingering
Perfectly merge the fragrance and bath prouducts.
Indistinctly the fragrance diffuses.
Let the fragrance lingers long time with you.

Fragrance ready

The embracement of two lovers meeting again after a long seperation
Ends of her hair swept by my nose when she walked by
Breathe around the neck when two lovers sleep embracing each other
Perhaps the beauty and movement has been indistinct day by day.
When you close your eyes
the familiar taste pieces the pictures together
and the momentory was frozen shot to be eternal.

Ready fragrance

Be equal to the quality of perfume, shampoo and shower comes with perfect fragrance and it rightfully so.

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    Luxury scented bath & shower products Luxury experice from unique fragrance.

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    Luxury bath & shower products As times dift by, let us enjoy our life.

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    Pure scented bath & shower products The taste from sunshine and flowers

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    Mediculousness in fragrance and concentration in bath & shower products

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